MCDUI.com Has Been Shut Down


I created MCDUI.com to be the Primary Information Source for DUI Charges in Maricopa County, Arizona, back in 2007.   I created and built the page completely by myself, teaching myself coding, because I was bothered by all the bad and wrong information that was found on the Internet concerning DUI charges in Arizona.  When I created the website, I did so as a public service.

After 10 Years, I Feel Forced to Shut Down MCDUI.com

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that some unscrupulous attorneys are scouring my websites looking for something to complain about.

A few bad apples spoil the bunch, so I felt the need to shut down the website, and delete all its content.  Ten years of work, and a lot of helpful information, gone.

Guide to All DUI Fines, Fees, and Punishments

One of my biggest accomplishments is providing attorneys across the state with my Guide to All Fines, Fees & Punishments, currently on its 11th Edition, and still free.

MCDUI.com used to be where you could download that Guide, and this website name appears at the bottom of each guide.  

I still want that guide to be available for any attorney who wants to use it, so I am now going to house it on the bottom of ArizDUI.com.  I'm sorry you will now have to go to my personal website, but I don't know where else I can keep it active and available for everyone. 

Thank You

I want to thank everyone who supported me, supported MCDUI.com, and signed up for an account.  

I am sorry that I could not have continued providing good information to attorneys and the general public, but outside sources basically forced me to shut down something that became the potential of a liability to me, more than I could allow it to be a benefit to the public.

I wish everyone luck.

Be careful what you write on your websites.  

Those who can't legitimately compete against you, complain!

Attorney Brian Sloan